The World is a museum

Welcome to FeelTheArt Augmented Reality, the art creation and exploration platform
that combines the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology
to bring you a world of endless possibilities in the art & culture world.

Explore and Create Art Exhibitions Anywhere

Explore famous museum and community exhibitions in indoor and outdoor venues through augmented reality.

Access to augmented layers of artworks and storytelling in Museums’ venues.

Create your own persistent Augmented Exhibitions with artworks from famous museums.

Expand your reach and revenue with FeelTheArt®

FeelTheArt® offers a unique and innovative way for cultural institutions to expand their reach and revenue. 

Our platform provides a convenient and immersive experience for art enthusiasts, and can help to increase attendance and engagement at your exhibitions and events.

Experience the convenience and immersion of augmented reality technology

FeelTheArt® uses augmented reality technology to bring art and culture to life. 

Our platform allows users to view and engage with artworks and exhibitions in a whole new way, and provides a convenient and immersive experience for art enthusiasts.

Connect with a community of art enthusiasts and share your art and experiences

FeelTheArt® is more than just a platform for viewing and engaging with art. It is also a community of art enthusiasts who share their art and experiences with each other. 

This community can help to increase engagement and exposure for your cultural institution, and provide a new avenue for sharing your art and events with a broader audience.

Earn rewards and achievements for your art exploration and creation

FeelTheArt® uses game mechanics to reward and motivate users to explore and create art. 

This can provide a fun and engaging experience for users and can help to increase attendance and engagement at your exhibitions and events.

Explore Art collections

Get access to the collection of thousands international cultural institutions

Accessible to All Audiences

Multilingual Stories

The collections, institutions, and artists are available in 10 languages.

Impaired audiences

Discover art collections with inclusive narratives

Travel constraints

Explore famous exhibitions right on your city walls, indoor or outdoor

500k +

Play with the collections of 4000+ museums right from your phone.


Become a Curator

Create your own galleries and make them available as starting point for Augmented Exhibitions.

Bring your storytelling and start earning money with your unique galleries 

Become a curator

Become an Exhibitor

You may become an exhibitor by creating your own augmented reality exhibitions from FeelTheArt galleries.

Augment any indoor or outdoor wall with the augmented reality exhibitions, and let your social network visit them.

Cultural Institutions

Become a Premium Partner

Become a FeelTheArt Premium Partner and extend the monetization window of your temporary exhibitions.
Make them available for rent in order to be displayed anywhere in the real world.

Premium Galleries

Bring your temporary exhibitions' artworks and narratives and start monetizing

Hybrid Exhibitions

Add Augmented Artworks to your onsite exhibitions and create new visitor experiences and narrative layers

Augmented exhibitions

Your temporary exhibitions are displayed on any wall, anywhere, through augmented reality

Live Audio Topics

Create live audio conversations with your audience (late 2022)

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